Miro Bank

We know very well how it feels to… have the world on your shoulders because you don’t have any money to buy a house of your own. We also know how it feels to wait for years for a credit and to leave disappointed a bank because you “don’t meet the criteria”.
That is why Miro Bank is the first bank in Romania, which has the key to all your problems. We may grant you real estate credits and credits for refurbishing your house WITHOUT ADVANCE PAYMENT and WARRANTY, but only if your income is obtained from ENTREPRENEURIAL ACTIVITIES. The insurance package put at your disposal by Miro Bank represents one of the most advantageous offers on the Romanian market; life insurance and warranties insurance are made in terms of maximum profitability for the client. By launching the program of housing and renovation credits, MIRO BANK enlarges its range of services, yet keeps the standard quality of the offered products.

For more details, come and visit us at our nearest Miro Bank branch!