Miro Bank

The credit technology applied by MIRO Bank is precisely tailored to the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises in transition economies and developing countries. It has been developed and improved over many years and it is used successfully in small and micro loan programmes around the world including all our partner banks in Eastern Europe.

With this unique and proven know-how MIRO Bank sets new standards in lending to micro entrepreneurs and SME in Romania:

  • Fast decision-taking procedures
  • Minimal documentation needed, no bureaucracy
  • Maximal flexibility concerning loan purpose and collateral
  • Non-standard approach in business evaluation
  • Graduation principle (preferential conditions for loyal customers)
  • Transparency of procedures and conditions

We strive continuously in order to provide a professional service to our clients – above all by reducing the documentation that the client has to provide to a minimum and shortening the processing time of loan applications. In fact, taking a loan from MIRO Bank means five easy steps for the client:

The client

  • files a loan application at the nearest MIRO Bank branch or agency (1)

The loan officer

  • makes the credit analysis including a visit to the business premises (2)
  • no feasibility studies, business plans etc. are needed
  • informs the client about the decision taken by the Credit Committee (3)

The client

  • signs the contracts* (4)
  • can make use of the money immediately (5)

With us, even after the loan disbursement the relationship between the client and the bank continues. Each loan client is served individually by a loan officer, who knows the client’s business and takes the time to discuss any kind of questions or problems. *if the loan is approved