Miro Bank

The ASTRA – MIRO BANK partnership
The representatives of ASTRA and MIRO BANK have signed a collaboration agreement with the purpose of promoting each other products and services. Jan Harrocks, vice-president of Astra Asigurari has declared that: “This is an important step into promoting the “ONE STOP SHOPPING” concept for our clients. This allows us to put at the disposal of our clients the huge experience of Miro Bank, and to offer at our turn insurance services. On the other hand, this partnership is a great benefit for our clients, because all of them need banking services, of many kinds”. At his turn, Ralf Niepel, the president of Miro Bank, underlined the great importance of the partnership: “Our target groups, the small, micro and middle enterprises, often suffer of lack of protection against insurable risks. This strategic partnership will provide a safer future for any company. Our new product – the real estate credit for natural persons – combines our financial offer with ASTRA’s experience in insurances. In the same time, Miro Bank has the opportunity to offer financial services to all the clients of ASTRA Asigurari”. Astra Asigurari beholds the 4th place in the general insurances’ market, the second place in RCA and the first place in maritime insurances. Miro Bank is the only micro-financing bank in Romania, set up in 2002, with the following shareholders: BERD, IFC, DEG – member of KfW group, Commerzbank, IMI and FMO. At this moment, it has 8 branches in 6 big cities in our country, and a loan portfolio of 14.2 millions USD.
Miro Bank 08-07-2003