Miro Bank

  • Real estate credit: up to 50,000 USD/EUR with reimbursement term up to 10 years.

    This kind of credits covers a wide range of possible request. In this respect, the housing credit may be used for: buying land, apartments, and houses, refinancing the loans granted by other financial institutions to the same purpose. The credit for renovation may be granted for: renovation of apartments, houses and buildings, their consolidation, the land’s improvements, endowing a building with water, electricity, heating system and other utilities, other small investments in real estate property, refinancing the loans granted by other financial institutions to the same purpose.

    The only requirement the potential clients must meet to be granted these credits is: 6 months of experience in the same company or 3 years of experience in the same field of activity (for natural persons) or 6 months of continuity in their activity (for entrepreneurs). Since MIRO BANK has already accustomed its clients to unique advantages on the financial market, here there are the advantages for the real estate and refurbishing credits:

  • Young, dynamic and competent personnel. In addition, the insurance package offered by MIRO BANK is the most advantageous offer on the market. This is due to a recent partnership concluded with Astra Insurance Company, which has a vast experience in the insurance field. Due to this partnership the guarantees’ insurance is free of charge for the client, and the premium for the life insurance is the lowest on the market, of only 0,3% from the borrowed sum.

    With MIRO BANK one can build up a lifelong relationship based on mutual trust, cooperation, and the commitment of a solid institution. The real estate credits are granted through MIRO BANK’s 8 branches and agencies in: Bucharest (1 branch in Vasile Lascăr Street and 2 agencies in Pantelimon and Militari), Brasov, Cluj, Craiova, Constanta and Timisoara. Potential clients are welcome at any of our branches to find out more details