Miro Bank

but… there are people whose existence we forget of or people who we think less about. There are persons, which do not belong to our everyday life, which are neither present nor potential clients. They are the ones who, if they could, they would make the decision of buying thousands of products and services. We are talking about the children in placement centers, who don’t have anyone to ask them “What would you like Santa to bring you?” The Miro Bank team thought about these children, trying to give another connotation to one of its headlines: ”For others you are small, but for us you are only at the beginning”. Although we wanted to please them all, we had to choose only some of them, namely the children at the Sfantu Andrei placement center in Bucharest and two others in Cluj and Craiova. By giving them sweets, toys and clothes we hope that we brought more light and joy into their eyes. Likewise we would also like to make you think about them.

Moreover, we thank you sincerely for your collaboration over this year and we wish you a successful New Year. Miro Bank remains the same trustworthy partner for your development in 2004 too.