Miro Bank

New products
As of January 2004 Miro Bank offers at all its branches credits in ROL up to the equivalent of 2,500 EUR with a reimbursement term of up to 18 months. This kind of credit is accessible to all natural persons, entrepreneurs, family associations, and companies with at least 3 months experience in trade, production, or services. The guarantees needed by this credit are very flexible (movable, real estate, endorsers, etc.) and in addition the decision for granting the credit is very fast. By launching this product, Miro Bank enlarges the credits’ range offered to micro, small, and middle enterprises based on the same technology for credits, specially conceived for their needs. This year, Miro Bank has launched 2 new banking products as an answer to their clients’ needs:

  • The overdraft facility The overdraft may go up to the equivalent in ROL of 25,000 EUR, and has a 6-month maturity. The amount that may overdrawn by a client depends on the length of the period the client had a current active account at Miro Bank and on the average monthly credit rolling during the 3 previous months.
  • The credit lines These are dedicated to the private micro, small and middle businesses that produce or trade goods and services and have a crediting history of at least one year with Miro Bank. The credit lines are used to uphold the clients’ needs of working capital and may go up to the equivalent in ROL of 50,000 EUR, with 12-months maturity.
Miro Bank 22-01-2004