Miro Bank

After only two years, MIRO BANK announces positive net profit for the first quarter of 2004. Comparing to the same period of 2003, the bank obtained total assets value of 1,354 billion ROL, improved with 115%. MIRO BANK continues to get very good results in lending activities, net value of outstanding loans enlarged to 1,121 billion ROL, registering a 193% increase compared to the first quarter of 2003. According to preliminary results, the number of MIRO BANK’ customers increased with 157%, to 9.247. Accounts’ situation shows a volume of 332 billion ROL with 246% more than last year. Moreover, time-deposit accounts reveal a substantial raise of 414%.

“After having successfully implemented products and technology, we face now a tremendous growth in micro- and SME-loans. Our clients are appreciating our ability to provide financial support within an outstanding short processing time and being able to adjust loan products exactly to clients needs

Furthermore, more and more people appreciate our attractive terms and conditions and deposit larger amounts with us. It is obvious that MIRO BANK increases reputation, and the market recognizes our powerful international shareholders.”

declared Mr. Axel Hummel, General Manager of MIRO BANK in Romania.