Miro Bank

MIRO BANK, the first micro-financing bank in Romania, is now the 1-year-old partner of partner for micro, small and middle enterprises, professional associations, and freelancers. The bank started its function since the 1st of July 2002 by overtaking the activity of Microenterprise Credit S.A. The bank’s shareholders are prestigious international institutions such as: BERD, IFC – the financial division of the World Bank, Commerzbank, DEG, IMI and FMO. The bank’s shareholders have a common global policy of sustaining and strengthening the small and middle enterprises’ sector and therefore the economy of in-transition or developing countries.

In 2002 MIRO BANK had a dynamic development since it opened five branches (Bucharest, Braşov, Cluj, Timişoara, Constanţa) and one agency in Militari -Bucharest. The bank has opened this year another branch in Craiova and recently and agency in Bucharest Pantelimon, having a total of 8 offices.

The bank grants credits for different types of business, i.e. sums between 300 and 200,000 USD/EUR, and until present it has a portfolio of 13.5 millions of USD and 3,400 credits on ROL. Through its network of branches, the bank grants around 250 credits per month for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

Based on the strategies of its shareholders, which proved to be very successful in the micro-financing banks of their countries, MIRO BANK establishes new credit standards in the Romanian banking system. MIRO BANK uses an efficient credit technology, which takes into consideration the specific characteristics of the smallest entrepreneurs, and therefore it offers services to those ones who have been rejected by other banks.

The bank offers its clients a wide range of banking services (current accounts, savings’ accounts, term deposits, national and international banking transfers) as well. The banking services offered by MIRO BANK are available both to natural and legal persons.

After a year in which the quality of the MIRO BANK’s products and services has been confirmed by the increasing number of customers, it is preparing to enlarge its range of banking products and services.

MIRO BANK is waiting to help you develop your own business at any of its branches.