Miro Bank

Loan Amount: 
ROL/USD/EUR – Between 10.000-50.000 EUR
USD/EUR – for sum bigger than 50.000 EUR

Target Group:

  • authorized physical persons
  • family associations
  • freelancers
  • companies having at least 6 months of business experience.

Loan destination:

  • working capital
  • investments( fixed assets, renovation, equipment, etc. )
  • other financing needs

Maturity period: up to 5 years (individually determined)

Repayment: equal monthly instalments (principal+interest)

Guarantees: flexible (pledges, personal guarantees, mortgages)


  • financing 100% of the project value
  • no feasibility study, business plan or incomes budget are required
  • fast decision-making
  • commission retrievable only at disbursement
  • high quality banking services
  • long-term beneficial partnership

Using the calculator provided below, you can easily compute the amount of the monthly installments based on the loan amount and maturity period of the loan