Miro Bank

Are you involved in agriculture or do you have any other business in rural area that provides you incomes, but it is a fact that in agriculture the incomes period does not coincide with the big expenses period. There are opportunities that you would like to seize in a certain period of the year but you need an amount of money. Sometimes this may be a small figure, like 10 millions lei. Or it may go up to 400 millions ROL or the equivalent of 10.000 EUR. Your friends or relatives cannot help you. You don’t have a classic accounting system to show your profit and other banks may consider your activity too risky. Or the bureaucracy impedes you: it may take you a longer time than you have expected to get the money. The Farmers’ Loan granted by Miro Bank is the best solution for you.

Your agricultural business succeeds day by day! The number of livestock and land possessions increases and you need a sum between 10.000 and 50.000 EUR/USD or equivalent in ROL to develop your activity. So you need for sure a bank, which matches the size of your business, which understand the character of agricultural activities. The Loan for Rural Development is the perfect solution for you!

Do you fit in the description above? Would you like to cooperate with one of our loan officers? Can you reimburse in time the loan, without any delay? Then, the possibility for the loan to be granted in few days is VERY HIGH! All you need to do is to contact our nearest branch to find out all the details.

At present, the loans for agriculture are available only in Cluj, Constanta, Dolj, Timis counties through the Miro Bank branches in Cluj, Constanta, Craiova, Timisoara and in Bucharest through Pantelimon Agency