Miro Bank

Overdraft Facilities      Granting a customer an Overdraft Facility means granting him/her the right to have a debit balance in his/her current account, which is in effect a loan from MIRO BANK to this customer.      An Overdraft Facility is a very flexible tool that enables the customer to bridge all kinds of short-term liquidity gaps.

PRODUCT Currency Amount Maximum Maturity
Overdraft facility ROL Up to EUR 25,000 equivalent in ROL up to 6 months

     There are no restrictions concerning the use of the amount from the overdraft facility and also no restriction concerning the reimbursement in the account of the overdraft during the contract period in the limit of the amount approved.      The client is free to decide the destination of the overdraft facility.


  • immediate crediting of the incomings
  • free of charge incomings
  • all forms are free of charge (including cheques and promissory notes)