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KfW Group (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) founded in 1948, provides financial packages designed to stimulate economic, social and ecological development in countries from all over the world. The financial Institution focuses on the promotion of SME, the financing of housing construction and modernisation, protection of the environment and the climate, export and project finance and support for developing countries and transition economies.

DEG (Deutsche Investitions und Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH) is a key player in Germany’s Development Co-operation activities and supports private sector development in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as in Central and Eastern Europe. DEG operates according to the principles of private sector ventures, which are beneficial to the development of the local economy.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a multilateral institution, promotes the development of the private sector in its developing member countries. A member of the World Bank Group, but legally and financially independent, IFC provides long-term loans and equity finance at market terms and conditions in support of private sector activities, helps mobilize additional financing from other sources and provides advisory services to both government and businesses. Since its founding in 1956, IFC has invested almost USD 30 billion of its own funds in more than 2,400 companies in 136 developing countries. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) was established in 1991. It aims to foster the transition towards open, market-oriented economies and to promote private and entrepreneurial initiative in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) committed to democracy, pluralism and market economics. The EBRD seeks to help its 27 countries of operations to implement structural and sector economic reforms, promoting competition, privatisation and entrepreneurship. In fulfilling its role as a catalyst of change, the Bank encourages co-financing and foreign direct investment from the private and public sectors, helps to mobilize domestic capital, and provides technical cooperation in relevant areas. The Nederlandse Financierings-Maatschappij voor Ontwikkelingslanden (FMO) is owned by the Dutch government and leading Dutch banks. It supports private sector development in 71 countries. FMO provides finance for projects that meet its three investment criteria: additionality, catalysis, and good governance. As such FMO provides finance for professionally-managed ventures where “ordinary” banks would not, and where it can mobilize significant additional private sector investment. The FMO focuses on providing support to the financial sector and companies in “low-income” and “low-middle-income” countries. Internationale Micro Investitionen AG (IMI), founded in 1998 is a commercial development-oriented investment company. It has so far taken equity stakes in eighteen banks or financial institutions in developing countries and transition economies, to a value of EUR 40 million. IMI can be seen as the strategic investor in the ProCredit-network and as the headquarters of these individual banks. Its shareholders represent a 50:50 mix of private and public investors. Commerzbank AG was established in 1870 and today is one of the top five banks in Germany. With a strong International network comprising 56 outlets in 43 countries, Commerzbank is a universal bank providing retail, wholesale and investment banking services. It also offers other financial services via a number of subsidiaries, such as leasing fund management, real estate and equity investment. Internationale Projekt Consult GmbH (IPC) is a German consulting company which was founded in 1981 with the aim of developing and promoting a consulting concept designed to improve the opportunities for micro and small enterprises to gain access to formal financial services, and to bank loans in particular.

IPC’s philosophy is based on the concept of “development finance”. This is generally used to describe efforts to promote financial systems in developing countries and transition economies in order to stimulate economic development.

Miro Bank

In general, termenul de microfinantare se utilizeaza pentru a descrie demersurile initiate pentru promovarea sistemelor financiare in tarile in curs de dezvoltare si in cele cu economie de tranzitie, cu scopul de a inlesni accesul publicului tinta (microintreprinzatorilor, intreprinderilor mici si mijlocii, fermierilor si altor agenti economici) la sursele de finantare. In majoritatea cazurilor, acest public tinta nu are acces la finantare din partea bancilor comerciale traditionale, creditarea acestora fiind considerata riscanta si nerentabila. Cu toate acestea, pentru a se extinde si a se dezvolta, intreprinderile necesita sustinere financiara permanenta. Asadar, oferind servicii financiare potrivite nevoilor grupului tinta, bancile de microfinantare sprijina cresterea economica. In comparatie cu ONG-urile si alte programe de creditare similare, bancile de microfinantare nu canalizeaza fondurile de asistenta pentru dezvoltare numai catre segmentele de populatie selectate anterior, scopul lor fiind sa devina institutii financiare permanente, stabile si profesioniste. Convingerea noastra este ca numai programele de creditare menite sa functioneze permanent ca institutii financiare viabile pot fi considerate instrumente ale politicii de dezvoltare. Astfel, consideram esentiale planificarea, proiectarea si implementarea unor astfel de programe de creditare ca parti integrante ale unei institutii financiare durabile. Totusi, pentru a deveni viabila, orice banca de microfinantare trebuie sa practice o abordare comerciala a microfinantarii bazata pe principiul autonomiei financiare. Acest fapt implica o rata a rentabilitatii capitalului care sa ajusteze nivelul de risc atras si sa asigure un profit moderat suficient pentru a permite dezvoltarea institutiei.

In ultimele trei decenii, conceptul de microfinantare s-a dezvoltat considerabil catre o viziune mai complexa asupra necesitatilor publicului tinta, incluzand nu numai facilitatile de creditare dar si alte servicii financiare. Astazi, bancile de microfinantare de pretutindeni ofera o gama variata de servicii financiare pentru microintreprinzatori, intreprinderi mici si mijlocii, precum: credite, depozite, tranzactii nationale, tranzactii internationale, asigurari, etc.

Miro Bank

Misiunea noastra Miro Bank este o banca orientata spre dezvoltare care ofera un pachet complex de produse si servicii. In activitatea noastra de creditare, ne axam pe finantarea microintreprinzatorilor, intreprinderilor mici si mijlocii, fiind convinsi ca acest sector detine cel mai mare numar de locuri de munca si contribuie esential la dezvoltarea economiei. Banca evita afacerile cu grad inalt de risc si ofera imprumuturi mari doar in cazuri exceptionale, minimizand astfel riscul asociat creditarii. Actionarii nostri – institutii financiare internationale renumite – pornesc de la premisa rentabilitatii investitiei, maximizarea profitului pe termen scurt nefiind scopul lor principal. Noi investim intensiv in pregatirea angajatilor pentru a asigura o atmosfera de lucru placuta si eficienta si pentru a oferi servicii personalizate si profesioniste clientilor nostri.


Suntem ferm convinsi ca microintreprinzatorii, intreprinderile mici si mijlocii (IMM) reprezinta sectorul cu cele mai bune perspective de viitor din economia romaneasca in privinta potentialului de crestere si a crearii de locuri de munca. In plus, din punct de vedere politic, dezvoltarea acestui sector stimuleaza evolutia clasei de mijloc care detine rolul de stabilizator in societate. Obiectivul nostru este sa sprijinim dezvoltarea IMM-urilor oferindu-le servicii special concepute pentru necesitatile acestora. Dorim sa devenim un partener de incredere care ofera o gama complexa de resurse financiare sectorului privat si care dezvolta impreuna cu clientii relatii ferme si durabile bazate pe incredere reciproca, angajament si cooperare. Avem convingerea ca fiind o institutie viabila si, in acelasi timp, furnizand servicii excelente clientilor, Miro Bank va contribui semnificativ la dezvoltarea sectorului privat din Romania.

Miro Bank

The credit technology applied by MIRO Bank is precisely tailored to the needs of micro, small and medium enterprises in transition economies and developing countries. It has been developed and improved over many years and it is used successfully in small and micro loan programmes around the world including all our partner banks in Eastern Europe.

With this unique and proven know-how MIRO Bank sets new standards in lending to micro entrepreneurs and SME in Romania:

  • Fast decision-taking procedures
  • Minimal documentation needed, no bureaucracy
  • Maximal flexibility concerning loan purpose and collateral
  • Non-standard approach in business evaluation
  • Graduation principle (preferential conditions for loyal customers)
  • Transparency of procedures and conditions

We strive continuously in order to provide a professional service to our clients – above all by reducing the documentation that the client has to provide to a minimum and shortening the processing time of loan applications. In fact, taking a loan from MIRO Bank means five easy steps for the client:

The client

  • files a loan application at the nearest MIRO Bank branch or agency (1)

The loan officer

  • makes the credit analysis including a visit to the business premises (2)
  • no feasibility studies, business plans etc. are needed
  • informs the client about the decision taken by the Credit Committee (3)

The client

  • signs the contracts* (4)
  • can make use of the money immediately (5)

With us, even after the loan disbursement the relationship between the client and the bank continues. Each loan client is served individually by a loan officer, who knows the client’s business and takes the time to discuss any kind of questions or problems. *if the loan is approved

Miro Bank

Before entering the banking system, he worked as an Economist and a Chief Accountant in various companies. In 1991 he joined Chase Manhattan Bank- Bucharest Branch as Head of Accounting and Reporting Department and later on was appointed Chief Accountant.

Furthermore, during 1998-2003, he worked with National Bank of Greece – Romania first as Compliance Officer and later, between 1999-2003 as Deputy Manager.

Miro Bank

Ai o afacere care merge bine, dar oricat de precis ti-ai planifica lucrurile, apar pe neasteptate oportunitati pe care nu vrei sa le pierzi. Pentru acestea insa ai nevoie urgenta de o suma de bani de care nu dispui momentan, chiar daca este vorba de mai putin de 2500 de dolari sau euro. Prietenii sau rudele nu te pot ajuta, la alte banci dureaza mai mult decat poti astepta, birocratia te impiedica, deci…..RAPID CREDIT de la Miro Bank este cea mai potrivita solutie pentru tine.

Afacerea ta creste pe zi ce trece si ai nevoie de o suma intre 2.500 si 10.000 de dolari sau euro. In plus, ai inteles deja ca in loc sa apelezi la prieteni sau rude, este mai avantajos sa te adresezi unei banci pe masura afacerii tale: o banca pentru intreprinderi mici si mijlocii care ofera proceduri de creditare moderne si nebirocratice. Miro Bank are un credit special pentru necesitatile tale financiare: BUSINESS CREDIT.

Ai o afacere solida, care a crescut, si odata cu ea si nevoile si visele tale. Si atunci cand crezi in succesul afacerii tale, in ideile pe care le ai si in planurile pe care ti le-ai facut, cel mai bun creditor este o banca care crede in tine si iti intelege cel mai bine aspiratiile. Asadar, daca te-ai hotarat sa investesti intre 10.000 si 300.000 de dolari sau euro, alege INVESTMENT CREDIT de la Miro Bank.

Te regasesti in descrierile de mai sus? Vrei sa cooperezi cu unul dintre ofiterii nostri de credit? Poti rambursa imprumutul punctual, fara intarzieri? Atunci probabilitatea ca imprumutul sa iti fie aprobat in cateva zile este FOARTE MARE! Tot ce trebuie sa faci este sa contactezi cea mai apropiata sucursala pentru a afla toate detaliile.

Miro Bank

The advantages our credit services give you are multiple.

Miro Bank is the only micro financing bank in Romania and is a part of the ProCredit international network.

As a bank specialized in micro financing, Miro Bank approaches individually its every client. Moreover, we specially designed a wide range of financial services for the small and middle-sized enterprises. Our professionalism is endorsed by the high standards, which we observe in every activity. Based on the experience of 19 partner banks in the region and the prestigious shareholders, Miro Bank has set its main objective to become the best professional of the small entrepreneurs. Some of the advantages you can enjoy by being granted a credit from Miro Bank are following. Visit us at any of our branches to find more details about all the opportunities, which you can benefit from.

  • Free of charge insurance for guarantees *
  • No commission for guarantees’ evaluation **
  • No commission for the credit monitoring
  • No commission for the current account administering
  • No commissions for withdrawals
  • Rapidity in making a decision (24 hours up to 3 days) ***
  • Integral financing of your project
  • All your income sources are taken into consideration
  • Flexible guarantees
  • Building a lasting relationship with every client.
* for real estates and equipments in case of total damage
** except the real estates, for the credits more than 25,000 EUR/USD
*** for credits up to 10,000 EUR/USD, after submitting all the required documents and information

Miro Bank

Hair dresser

Before starting his business, Mr. Anichei worked as an insurance agent. In 2002 he thought about opening a hairstyling and beauty saloon. “I didn’t have any previous experience in this field,” he remembers. But with a strong determination to succeed, he took over a company from a friend of his.

Miro Bank

Activitatea noastra principala este sa oferim suport financiar societatilor micro, mici si mijlocii, inclusiv persoanelor fizice autorizate, liberilor profesionisti, asociatiilor familiale, SRL-urilor si altor tipuri de afaceri. Utilizand o tehnologie de creditare special conceputa pentru necesitatile clientilor nostri, dorim sa stabilim noi standarde ale politicii de microfinantare din Romania. Banca noastra furnizeaza nu numai produse de creditare, dar si o gama larga de servicii financiare, precum servicii de plati rapide si alternative de investitii sigure, indiferent de marimea sumei pe care clientii nostri decid sa ne-o incredinteze.

Miro Bank – Partenerul Dezvoltarii Tale

Miro Bank

You own a ranch or a house in the countryside that provides you incomes, but it is a fact that in agriculture the incomes period does not coincide with the big expenses period. There are opportunities that you would like to seize in a certain period of the year but you need an amount of money. Sometimes this may be a small figure, like 10 millions lei. Or it may go up to 7,500 EUR. Your friends or relatives cannot help you. You don’t have a classic accounting system to show your profit and other banks may consider your activity too risky. Or the bureaucracy impedes you: it may take you a longer time than you have expected to get the money. The Farmers’ Credit granted by Miro Bank is the best solution for you.

Your agricultural business succeeds day by day! The number of livestock and land possessions increases and you need a sum between 7,500 and 50,000 EUR/USD to develop your activity. So you need for sure a bank, which matches the size of your business, which understand the character of agricultural activities. The Credit for Rural Development is the perfect solution for you!

Do you fit in the description above? Would you like to cooperate with one of our credit officers? Can you reimburse in time the loan, without any delay? Then, the possibility for the loan to be granted in few days is VERY HIGH! All you need to do is to contact our nearest branch to find out all the details.

At present, the credits for agriculture are available only in Dolj and Timis counties through the Miro Bank branches in Craiova, Timisoara and in Bucharest through Pantelimon Agency.